It’s no big secret that moving is one of the biggest stressors in life. All the packing, loading things onto a truck, fretting over fragile items that might break, freaking out over items that do break, and the final clean out of the place where you once lived – it’s all stressful. Not to mention the arrival at your new destination, the unpacking, empty boxes, messes, and time it takes to get everything just right in your house once more. Don’t forget the forwarding address information and covering utilities and phone bills to a new address –ahhhhh fun days!  Now imagine what it is like for somebody from Russia to move half way across the world!

Let’s take this to the next level and consider moving abroad – this is what pretty Russian women and beautiful Russian brides (who were at one time lady singles) do when they take up with a Western male after a period of dating and then marriage. Only the Russian female has additional stressors to consider.  First, it is highly unlikely that a Russian female will be able to bring everything she owns to the states – this means giving things away, donating things, giving items to family, or putting everything in storage (the least practical of all options). It also means she may have to part with some of her favorite things and rebuy them when she gets to the states.

Along with leaving everything she owns behind except her clothes and a few cherished items, she’s also leaving behind her home town, parents, siblings (if applicable), and friends. Sure, she can remain in contact with them, but she is taking a giant leap into a new life while shedding so many parts of her old life that it can certainly prove a stressful experience.

Life Abroad for Russian Women

Now she’s in the states and it’s a lot like taking a fish out of one body of water set at a particular temperature and putting that same fish in a different body of water with a cooler temperature – The Russian lady is going to experience quite a shock – a real culture shock. As if that were not enough, if she cannot speak English with any degree of fluency yet, she will be unable to communicate well. She will tend to stay at home, remain as close to her Western man as possible, and it will take some time to get accustomed to her new environment. This is the cost one pays to find and meet a man online. Things a Western male can do to make this transition easier include:

  • Attempting to replace some of the items she had to leave behind in Russia because it was impractical to transport them.
  • Show her an endless amount of patience.
  • Encourage her to start learning English and help her study the language.
  • Encourage her to have contact with family and friends abroad.
  • Surprise her with a visit from her family members.