Features of traditional Russian clothing create a unique perception of cultural variety and express national identity through national costumes. Russia is known for its great ethnic diversion within its territory and all these features could be traced through cultural peculiarities and national attributes. With them it was easy to indicate whether it is a friend or foe you are dealing with as members of same social group wear special outfit.

Beautiful ethnic traditional Russian clothing

Nowadays what Slavic people wear for holidays is made only for special occasions and may be seen only on carnivals or concerts. Today’s residents prefer casual style that is no different of that in Western Europe or other countries. Every region in Russia had a specific costume to indicate his identity and today we don’t have the need to do so.

Traditional clothing for men and women is high in demand and expensive as demand responsible attitude costly accessorizes and high-priced fabrics of superb quality. Experts are also not so easy to find.  Dance studios, churches, theatres and filming studios are frequently ordering these special outfits.

The dressing style has traits of ancestors and tells the story of their past. Its main functions were not only to protect from various weather conditions but also had aesthetical and decorative ideas. It could tell a lot about its owner – where he came from, his social position.

The essential meaning in what women wear has sarafan. Nowadays they are widely used for dance performances (as they do not restrict movements), ballets and theaters/movies. Ladies can wear sarafan for special occasions like weddings or some folk holiday occasions. These dresses may include embroidery signs or other folk patterns, and enriched with various decorative motifs. The shirts for men were called kosovorotka. That is a long sleeved garment that reached to the mid-thigh. Collar and sleeves of that rubashka were decorated with orthodox Slavic ornament. It was associated with rural population.

Folk Russian winter clothes

Winters in Russia are severe and require a special outfit to keep ourselves warm. A lot of winter wear have deeper cultural meaning than the rest of the outfits. Among Slavic traditional folk clothes, we should outline the following items:

An ushanka hat the one with ear flaps that can be tied up, or fastened at the chin to protect the ears, jaw and lower chin from the severe cold. This hat is often made of muskrat or rabbit fur. It is a former trooper hat;

Winter coat is also made of fur to preserve the body warmth as some Russian region are known for their extreme weather conditions, like Siberia. Traditional Russian winter clothing is different from that in the rest of the world. The design was influenced by the Cossacks, freeholders, Old Believers therefore it preserved its national identity.