If you are dating to a Russian girl, you know how extraordinary and unusual she is. Russian culture and traditions are very different from American and Western European. Nevertheless, there is one thing in common for sure – all women love presents. If you want to impress your woman and make a great present for her, it must be something special, not necessarily something expensive.

The best ideas for presents:

  1. No matter what you have decides to give your lady, flowers are an integral part of any present. All women love flowers and love to get flowers. In fact, most girls do not care about the kind of flowers unless it is a cactus. However, make sure that your lady is not allergic to flowers. It will help you avoid awkward situations.
  2. Perfumes can make a great present too as women adore good perfumes. Good perfumes are expensive in Russian and not all women can actually afford them. At the same time you should remember that perfumes are a bit personal present. You need to know what fragrances your woman love and what fragrances can underline her extraordinary personality.
  3. Nice watch is always a nice gift. A stylish brand watch is a great addition to a certain style.  There are a lot of ladies Russian watches that your lady will be more than happy to have.
  4. Unusual experience. If your lady is extreme fan or simply loves unusual things, you can buy as a gift a certificate for balloon trip or skydiving.

Skydiving is getting more and more popular in among women but it is not very cheap especially when you are buying a package with instructor guidance, which is really important. Many women confess to thinking of trying skydiving but put away this idea for later. As you may understand in most cases it never happens.

If you know that your lady is not a huge fan of extreme sports, ballooning will be a better and more romantic idea. A romantic tour on a balloon can be also a great opportunity to make an unforgettable proposal. It is hard to say no to such a challenging man.

  1. Handmade presents. Handmade gifts usually are more personal ones. If you have something meaningful for two of you, you can use it as a gift idea. It can be something made from chocolate or wood.
  2. Last but not the least important and nice gift is a jewelry item. There is no need to say that all women love expensive jewelry. If you have opportunity and finances, buy a nice ring for your lady. It will be not only a memorable gift but a very precious. Such a generous gesture will make her understand that you are not a miser.

No matter what you decide to give your lady as a present, remember that it must be done from the bottom of your heart. Only in such case it will make the right present.