It's no secret that for many centuries busty women are famous around the world for their beauty and skills. More than a dozen Frenchmen, Poles, Germans, Turks, Tatars, and even those who systematically "visited" our long-suffering land, were stroked down by the beauty of blue-eyed Mariya or Nadiya with long, lush oblique, subtle in form and light step.

Thank you, foreign knights, thank you, our dear Mariya and Nadiya, Olena, and Ivanna. You did a lot and we really appreciate it because now we can see ourselves on the pages of the world's best magazines, on podiums of famous fashion houses and, in general, we have all the benefits which we can get from beauty and feminine wisdom.

But scientists have repeatedly shown that it is impossible to have all these things it is necessary for people to mix their blood, to grow kids in international families and as a result kids will be born mentally and physically healthy, they will be beautiful people. All of us need a constant mixing of blood; a kind of melting pot, in which all the best qualities were 'cooked' of the representatives of an increasing number of nations.

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The old stereotype that in Europe and America there are not beautiful, well-groomed girls is not true now. For example, look at their actresses; all of them are beauties. It is impossible to find in Ukraine Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Angelina Jolie or Audrey Hepburn or maybe Sophia Loren? … Just tell us they are a happy exception and that ordinary American and European women are not good, masculine, and attract little attention… Well, you are right, from one side you will see a lot of fat or ugly ladies because of their life style but we need to note that even among Americans, and among European girls, especially the Italians and the Spanish girls there are a lot of beautiful ladies, which are in a perfect shape because they have everything to achieve it, money and time, but at first they really have a wish. That is why they have more opportunities than our beautiful dryads

In fact there a lot of beautiful girls in Europe. And of course, they appreciate their beauty more and have higher requirements for their future partners, and the notorious feminism is highly complicated in an already difficult demographic situation. Is it really a reason that guys are ready to go far away to find their life partner in a strange, unfamiliar country?

Yes, it certainly must be something else that attracts the foreign men; they come here hoping to meet their soul mate and enjoy the happiness of family life.

As the one Frenchman said "if I did not see with my own eyes how long and how thick russian women can work I would never believe that it is really possible!" When European men come to Ukraine and saw how many things at the same time our women can make they clearly understand – now they are in paradise! At the same it is out fashion to have a housewife who is able to love and clean, work and raise children, looks so beautiful that you are ready to go to the dinner party with pleasure or to go to the Canary Islands because everyone will be jealous of you. As we mentioned above in our article, most American and European men and girls suffered from the effects of feminism.

Well, any normal man does not want to live next to a woman who thinks that her work is more important that her family's well-being. These ladies do not consult their husbands in making various decisions, or child care, home, and they are not cooking at home as it is something archaic.

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Americans and Europeans are looking for tenderness, love and inquietude in big breasted women. They want to be loved and respected by a woman who will be there, who needs their strength and protection. They want to be warriors, fearless knights, in the eyes of their loved ones. Women's wisdom and spiritual beauty are the qualities foreign men value in large breasted women and girls. They think that everything must be in a place: a woman must be a woman and a man must be a man. They are not interested in naked beauty and an empty wrapper is not one is interested. They have enough the same in their countries.

So, welcome to our big boob dating site and you will certainly find your loving, beautiful, unique soul partner and you'll live happy all your life.