To answer the question right at the beginning, “Yes, an older man definitely has a chance when he is looking to begin dating Russian women in the hopes of finding one among the hopeful Russian brides to be his future wife.” Now, one may wonder why the pretty and beautiful women of Russia want to pursue older males when they can clearly have any man they want at any age. The short answer is that the females in Russia have very real, very solid family values and they are in full knowledge of what they want from a man. That being the case, they have no problem going out and getting it: They put lady single advertisements online in search of Western males that have the same intentions.

First, before we explore the myriad reasons why a Russian female would be so willing to marry an older man, it is important to point out that not every single Russian lady interested in dating or the possibility of marriage will choose an older male. There are females from Russia who would very much enjoy the companionship of younger males, especially if those males are responsible and mature. To say that all females in Russia will only marry a man that is older than they are is an erroneous generalization and cannot be a safe assumption. The females in Russia are very unique, and what they seek in men is also unique. Some of the behaviors they want from man that they find and meet online include:

  • Gentleman-like behavior
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Gentleness
  • Respect
  • Adoration

What a Difference Age Makes

Russian women, many of them anyway, demonstrate a preference to start a family early, and many women have their first child right around the age of 24. The Russian women often (but not always) marry an older male who differs in age by five to ten years. Some females marry men in the age bracket that make them 10 to 20 years older. This age group tends to provide the female with a sense of security because by the time a man reaches the age of 30 he is often well established in his career – this suggests he can be a good provider.

The older male appeals to Russian women because the male is ready to settle down and raise a family. He is willing to get married and he can provide the female from Russia a sense of stability. When marrying a Westerner this sense of stability is incredibly important, after all, the female is uprooting her entire life to move to the West to be with her new family. Moving is a huge life stressor, never mind moving halfway across the globe and into a culture with different social norms than your own. Thus, the added stability the male can provide for the Russian bride goes a long way.